• This is an EARLY release of an unfinished product. Do not be suprised by bugs. We're certainly not. Additionally these demo pages are in the early stages. In time, there will be a video highlighting features and explaining usage.
  • At this stage, you MUST use Google's Chrome browser
  • The software demonstrated was created using techology we are developing. It enables rapid creation of complex web applications. Requiring only a few hours for an single programmer to create a complex web application such as this clinic system. This is as opposed to months typically needed with a team of developers.
  • This technology enables customized applications to be developed and supported with costs comparable to the expenses of an off-the-self product.
  • The primary purpose is to enable data analysis across a industry sector without requiring individual sites to conform to a one-size-fits-all software application. Applications created this way have features suitable for use in developing countries.
  • The application demonstrated here is a medical record system for use in medical school simulation. Similar applications are being built for use in developing countries. The system allows for rapid development of software for a hospital system, single-physician medical practice – or even to manage pizza deliveries. In all cases the underlying software never changes.
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