Our corporate motto is: "Helping those who are helping others."

Four Corners Medical Software was founded by Rogers Hellman, in the belief that helping others shouldn't be so hard.

He wanted to make it easier to track medical information for people in developing countries.

This software is the result of his efforts.

Four Corners Medical Software, LLC
Charlottesville VA USA

Release Info

Version 3.1    Build

We regard maintaining patient privacy to be a moral obligation on our part.

We will not sell any data, ever, that contains information that might reveal the patient's identification.

Nor will we sell anonymous data to any entity without there being a legitimate medical purpose for the data.

Organizations using this software agree to abide by all laws and regulations covering the use of medical data applicable to the country where this is used.

If any aspect of this software comes into conflict with any local law or regulation, then you must notify Four Corners Medical Software of the conflict.

In these cases, we will endeavor to make changes needed to address the conflict.